IMG-20180221-WA0046 (1)“Robert Pattinson” (known as Edward in the film), an actor we know and love from the “Twilight” series, announced that he has chosen Islam as his religion. Such a bold decision and, on top of that, a public announcement is nothing less than a miracle in times when Muslims are trying to be branded as “murderers and terrorists”. There are hundreds of stars in the world… So, why this guy? This might seem ordinary to some of you; but if you knew the story that I know you would understand that it is far from ordinary, and you would even get goosebumps. I have a devout, really candid and believing advisee (who I can now call my friend with spiritual frequency harmony).  She told me of the time when she saw this man in 2010, prayed saying “God, with your willing may this man become Muslim,” and continued her prayer till this day. Interestingly, Robert Pattinson stated the following in a recent statement: “My life changed when I entered a mosque I encountered while touring in Los Angeles in 2010. I wanted to do more research and learn more about Islam. I acquired an English translation of the Koran and as soon as I read it, I said ‘Wow! This is the truth'”.  Pay attention to the date!  This man’s introduction to Islam coincides with  2010, when the young girl started sincerely praying 🙂


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I looked at Robert’s Vedic chart. As a cancer rising, the Moon in his chart was located in the 12th spiritual house, the truth-seeker Ketu was present in his 4th house and lord of the 9th religion house Jupiter (also the Caracas of religion) was in the 8th house of change… Such a person will seek the truth, will question in depth and will undergo change when the religion house ruler comes to his change house. At the same time, his Dasha period corresponds to Saturn, lord of the 8th house (house of change and ruler of Jupiter), in the 5th karma house… The 5th and 9th houses are those related to religion. His Nakshatra mansions also support a search and change. There is a “big triangle” between the Moon, Jupiter and Ketu, connected to the 4-8-12 houses.  The eyes of his heart are fully open. It is highly likely that he sees what’s to come in his dreams or intuitively feels them.

Here, the question might be; “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” A person whose fate has already been heralded with the truth is honored with the prayer of a person who has found the truth. On one hand there is a person living what is already written in his destiny, and on the other hand there is someone else sincerely praying for that fate… Cause and effect relations are full of such mysterious miracles (for those who can see, that is)

And my advisee, who had prayed for Robert saying “May he become Muslim, god willing!” had spontaneously asked her second prayer stating “then, may he marry me, god willing” 🙂 But even before we talked about this matter, when I was interpreting the map of this young girl; I had seen “the potential for an exceptional, successful, wealthy and most likely foreign husband who has connections abroad”. However, since I knew she had a conservative and sensitive approach in terms of religion, I thought to myself asking “I wonder if this person is a Saudi Arabian or Indian Muslim living in Europe?” 🙂 That is because she would never marry a Christian. I could not entirely interpret the Navamsa marriage chart for Robert, as I do not know his exact time of birth. For this reason, I’m cautious. But what this young girl has experienced is definitely out of the ordinary.

Now, it’s like I am holding a puzzle just waiting to be completed. I have been turning left and right since last night!  After all, this young girl will live out her own fate and find that potential someone I talked about, no doubt. Why shouldn’t that person be Robert? One needs to believe in the miracles of life. Why shouldn’t the power that made a prayer which seemed impossible come to life, play a role in its continuation?

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